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Monsoon calls for the perfect combination of a rejuvenating cup of tea and a plate of delicious deep-friend pakoras (fritters). The mere idea of the Indian speciality dish continues to be the same across the country. It is one concept with numerous interpretations, which is truly the perfect definition of this snack. Let’s go back in time and find out more about this crispy fried delicacy.

Origins Of Pakoras

Known by different names like bhajjiya, pakoda, pakodi, bhaaja, ponako, bhajji, or bhaji, pakoras are basically a quick fried snack that is known by various names in India. Although it is a staple snack at Indian street food shops, it also enhances the menus of restaurants during the rainy season. North, South, East or West, the spices and ingredients keep changing when we cross borders geographically, but the immense love for pakoras only leaves people asking to keep them coming. 

Famous Indian Chef Ranveer Brar says, “The word ‘pakoda’ is essentially very Indian because this concept of ‘pakki rasoi’ and ‘kachi rasoi’ only exists in India. ‘Pakki rasoi’ is where ‘pakka khana’ that has been fried does not get spoiled. It can double up as travel food. ‘Kachi rasoi’ used to be boiled food that you would cook in the morning to be consumed during the day.” So, the term ‘pakora’ can is traced back to ‘pakwata’ wherein ‘pakka’ means cooked and ‘watta’ means ‘laddoo’.

It All Depends On The Batter

The perfect translation of pakora is deep-fried snacks. Although it is known by a variety of names, the primary description is explained by Indian Chef Saransh Goila. He says, “It basically describes dough that is deep-fried in ghee, tempted with spices, and is sometimes stuffed with vegetables or pulses.” 

We all know that pakoras are made with pulses and vegetables; nevertheless, there are various interesting modifications that have not been sampled. For instance, Maori Nakupi Bora is a typical Manipuri fritter made with a herb that is found there. It is served with chilli chutney. A snack that can be found literally in every corner of India, pakoras are a basic dish that comprises intricate flavors. In some Bengali families, ‘tele bhajias’ for a basic part of the multi-course everyday meal. Nearly any greens, vegetables, fruits, meat, or even fish can be fried into pakoras. 

Delicious Pakoras At Banjara Restaurant

  1. Stuffed Paneer Pakoras

Stuffed paneer pakora is a quick snack. It is crispy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside. The pieces of paneer are coated in gram batter or besan, and fried. It is served hot with chutney.

      2. Onion Spinach Bhajia

Coated in gram flour comprising different spices, onion spinach bhajias make for the perfect starters. The flavors get all the better with onion.

Summing Up!

After this intriguing history lesson, we are sure that you must be drooling for some crispy hot pakoras. Visit Banjara Restaurant today and satisfy your cravings during the rainy season and enjoy your fritters.