Indian cuisine is one of the favorite foods in the U.S.A. No other cuisine can match its unique ability of creating the perfect blend of flavors using myriads of earthy herbs and spices. Widely popular for its spices and savory ingredients, it has become a favorite for most people in the U.S.

So, if you are also a true fan, it only makes sense to learn a little about the history of Indian cuisine in the U.S.A. In this blog, we at Banjara Restaurant, one of the best Indian restaurants in the United States, will share with you a few facts about Indian cuisine and its popularity in the U.S.

Why Is Indian Cuisine Gaining Popularity In The U.S.?

  • Home To Various Cultures

After the Industrial Revolution, it was not long before the hype of the American dream started taking over the world. Based on a report in the 1920s, it was the reflux of Indian immigrants that resulted in the rise of Indian food in the United States. With so many Indian immigrants making livelihoods in a nation where dreams come true, megacities such as New York and Chicago saw a rise in Indian restaurants.

  • The Food

Quite like other cuisines that made their debut in the U.S., Indian cuisine had to adapt a little to keep up with the dietary requirements and taste buds of the native Americans. Indian restaurant owners started to cut down on the use of spices to meet the mild pallets of the American people, thereby bringing in a few changes in the ingredients used in the most classic dishes from Indian cuisine. With this, the popularity of Indian food skyrocketed and spread across cities such as Seattle, New York, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, etc.

Time For Authentic Indian Cuisine

With time, the demand for Indian cuisine has grown significantly. This is mainly because of the ever-evolving taste preferences of the multi-cultural United States Of America. 

We can certainly give credit to the variety of dishes in Indian cuisine. It satiates the cravings of those who absolutely love spicy food and those who want to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

If this history lesson is making you crave Indian dishes, then Banjara Restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds with your favorite Indian food.