Every chicken lover has tasted this mouth-watering meal, frequently served as an appetiser or alongside a roomali roti. This food will set your lips on a blaze, make your heart beat faster, and breaded fried chicken to the curb. It’s deep-fried, with a crazy saltiness and crispy texture, as well as spicy flavours of curry leaves, garlic, ginger, chillies, and everything else that makes a pleasant Indian meal. Chicken 65 is a timeless classic dish!


Chicken 65 has its beginnings in South India. It was first served at A.M. Buhari’s Buhari Hotel in Chennai in 1965. The concept for such a meal arose during India’s conflict with Pakistan. Buhari wanted to give good non-vegetarian meals to the soldiers that would be easy to make and not time-consuming, and Chicken 65 was the product of such an attempt.

Can we offer “coincidence” a standing ovation? Almost every other traditional Indian food item is an experiment, and the individual had no clue these food dishes would become one of the most popular!

However, there are several additional explanations behind the name Chicken 65. According to some food experts, the name came from using 65 little pieces of chicken to prepare the cuisine. Others point out that the masala was made with 65 different types of chiles and peppers. Another common myth is that a 65-day-old chicken has been used for cooking it. Another well-known story is that it was the 65th dish on the troops’ menu. However, according to the initial account by Buhari Hotel, the item was called since it was manufactured in 1965 and is well acknowledged.

Buhari produced different versions of chicken products in 1978, 1982, and 1990 and titled them after their corresponding anniversaries, but they did not become as famous as the Chicken 65.

 Have you ever wondered why it was given the name Chicken 65?

If you’re curious why the meal is called Chicken 65, it’s because it was created in 1965. Many believe the meal received its unusual name because the chicken was sliced into 65 pieces or marinated for 65 days.

Some claim that troops at the Chennai canteen were provided with a long menu that included this meal against the serial number 65, which is why the food became associated with the number 65. It is thought that linking the chicken dish with the number was the easiest method for the troops to remember the food.


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