“Indian food is like classical music raga – It takes time to build up to a Crescendo.”

Shobha De

Indian cuisine is a diverse constellation of cultures. For people who constantly crave and love to enchant their spirits with savory, spicy, and delicious food, especially Indian delicacy, Banjara Restaurant has it covered for you!

In this article, we’ll look at some Indian dishes that are Americans’ favorite:


  • Tandoori Chicken – Want to eat something truly delicious? All you have to do is think about the chicken dipped in spices that ultimately serves as the basis for chicken tikka masala. The meat is traditionally marinated in yogurt. A blend of spices, primarily red chili powder, gives the chicken its crimson color before being grilled in a tandoor. It is then roasted and charred to acquire its delectable crimson, seasoned skin and to pack the tandoor’s heat. 
  •  Butter Chicken – One of the best examples of Indian cuisine is this meal. The sauce comprises various spices, including ginger, garlic, lemon, lime, turmeric, pepper, etc. It is marinated with the chicken for a few hours to develop the flavor and taste. It has to cook in the tandoor before serving a few garnishes, like crème, butter, and green chilies.
  • Murgh Malai Tikka – There is nothing better than Murgh tikka that has been covered in a moist yogurt, warm spice, and fresh herb rub.
  • Biryani – Are you seeking something spicey? Your taste buds might enjoy this rice meal. The essential ingredients of biryani are rice, lentils, and meat. Several spices are used to intensify the flavor; different regions of India have different types of Biryanis. Numerous seasonings, including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and coriander, put out the finest in the selected meat or vegetable. Try it in Banjara Restaurant, and we serve the authenticity of the same spices that will remind you of your home!
  • Daal Makhani – It uses urad dal and other pulses together with butter and cream to create a relatively modern take on classic lentil meals.
  • Korma – Banjara Restaurant can be a fantastic place to start if you want to broaden your pallet and try some authentic Indian food. The sauce, which combines yogurt with coriander, cumin, and other spices, is the main attraction of the dish, which is often marinated with lamb or chicken.
  • Amritsari Chole – An authentic Punjabi-style chickpea dish called Amritsari Chole would undoubtedly add flavor to the city’s streets back in India.
  • Paneer Tikka Masala – Anyone with minimal knowledge of Indian food is likely to be familiar with this group of dishes; paneer tikka masala or Chicken tikka masala is undoubtedly the most well-known.
  • Seekh Kabab – minced mutton and chicken meat kebabs marinated in a mixture of spices and perfectly cooked. These juicy, flavourful kebabs are ideal as an appetizer before a delicious supper. Accompanied by a plate of onion rings and lemon wedges and served with mint chutney.
  • Malai Kofta – A well-known Indian vegetarian meal in which potato and paneer make the kofta, which is then deep-fried and topped with a smooth and flavourful tomato-based stew.


Are you living abroad, and you constantly miss your home? Or perhaps Indian food has always intrigued you, and you’re searching abroad for that authenticity? Well, with the finest Indian cuisine in the heart of Virginia, US, and the authenticity of each spice and flavors, we can spare you from that misery.