• Patthar ke fool ka Kebab Order

    A luscious appetizer from Hyderabad, where the lamb meat is marinated in spices and cooked over a Patthar (sizzling pizza stone).

  • Chicken Tikka Order

    Small chicken pieces marinated in spices and yoghurt before being chargrilled on skewers.

  • Soya Chaap Curry Order

    The goodness of Soya Chunks with flavored spices and saffron.

  • Aloo Gobi Order

    A zesty Indian side dish made with fresh cauliflower and tender potatoes paired with a dry, creamy curry

  • Shaam Savera Order

    Chopped spinach leaves formed into cutlets, cooked with potatoes and spices, and dipped in tomato gravy.

  • Chettinad (Chicken, Goat +2 Shrimp+2) Order

    Curry with exotic Chettinad (roasted whole spice) flavors.

  • Ajjadi Ghee Roast (Chicken, *Goat +2) Order

    It’s a famous Tuluva Mangalorean recipe with origins in Kundapur, a town near Udupi, India. It is also known as chicken/mutton ghee roast, a fiery red colour with a tangy & spicy flavour from ghee and roasted spices.

  • Hara Masala (Paneer, Chicken, *Goat +2) Order

    Creamy chicken curry with green chillies, mint leaves, and coriander.

  • Murgh Sukha Order

    Dry chicken from western India’s coast with Malabari & Goan style combines a fragrant spice blend with onions, ginger, and garlic, finished with thick coconut cream.

  • Achari Soya Chaap Order

    Protein-rich soya chunks with all of the flavours of Punjabi achar (pickle)

  • Lehsuni Chicken Tikka Order

    Chicken marinated in fresh yoghurt and garlic, grilled with butter and a touch of lemon spread.

  • Jhilmil Fish (Pomfret) Order

    Angelfish, marinated in a variety of spices and slathered in semolina before cooking. Served with warm, sweet and tangy cabbage.

  • Angarey Chicken Tikka Order

    A dry Indian Chicken starter made primarily of boneless chicken pieces marinated in a special spicy barbeque sauce over Angara (fried red charcoal).

  • Nawabi Paneer Kali Mirch Tikka Order

    Fresh air flown Indian cottage cheese cubes barbequed in a clay oven and served with mint sauce & salad.

  • Jodhpuri Crispy Bhindi Order

    Bringing the taste of the lanes of Jaipur, stuffed with a tangy masala, deep-fried with peanuts, served in raita.