India is a melting pot of delectable dishes, and anyone who visits our humble country falls in love with one of the delicacies. The British were quite fond of our rich, flavorful dishes too. Aside from curry, they were also obsessed with other desi soups and desserts. For nearly a century, the British Raj flourished in India, and different foreign culinary styles influenced the country during the British reign. 

Mulligatawny soup is a popular dish among British people. Everyone from officers to bureaucrats adored it and wanted it to be a regular part of their dining experience. It was a soup made with a savoury blend of fresh vegetables, rice, and aromatic herbs and spices.

Soup is supposed to be warm and comforting in the winter, and few foods outperform it in both categories. A warm bowl of soup acts as a sweater in the cold, with the added benefit of deliciousness and nutrition. Shorba is a similar concoction that makes an excellent wintertime soup meal. 

What is Shorba? 

Shorba is a type of soup which is served in many different cuisines around the world. It came from the Arabic term ‘Shurbah’, which means ‘Soup’, and originated in the Middle East, though it gained much popularity in India.

Shorba is thought to have been invented in central Eurasia between the eighth and fourth centuries BC. The Eurasians boiled meat in water over an open fire, with additives and preparation methods varying depending on time and place. According to another legend, the dish originated in Armenia as Khash, or bone soup, and then travelled to the Gulf Region, where it was served to relieve fatigue.

Shorba will be at the top of our list if we start naming some of the most soothing and delightful Indian soups. It has managed to pack comfort, flavours, and aroma into a bowl, from the renowned Mulligatawny Shorba to the flavorful tomato Shorba. Shorbas, which have won the

hearts of most Indians for centuries are especially popular during the winter when almost everybody craves something warm, flavorful, and aromatic. 

What are the Shorma options there on our menu? 

  •  Mulligatawny Shorma: Mulligatawny was invented in the 18th century in British India. Indian chefs made this soup to please the taste buds of British officials. The dish was named after the Tamil words ‘milagu’ and ‘tanny’, which mean “pepper water” and “spicy broth,” respectively. The stew was so popular with the British that they asked the Indian chefs to add some meat chunks. The core of the dish is said to be inspired by ‘rasam,’ a spicy South Indian soup served with rice. Traditionally, soup or stew was not served as an appetizer in Indian cuisines. As a result, the tangy rasam was the closest thing to an Indian soup. Once the British became attached to the dish, it spread like wildfire, and it wasn’t just limited to India; the whole of Britain fell in love with this toothsome delicacy. 
  • Tomato Shorma: It is made with ripe, red-coloured, sweet tomatoes with plenty of cilantro. The flavours are delicious, and it is also known as “Dhaniya Shorba.”


 Already slurping? Well, we have the ideal desi soup option on our Banjara menu. Mulligatawny shorma, made with yellow moong dal flavoured with dry ginger powder and pepper powder, is the customer favourite. Tomato Shorma is another Indian delicacy made with sweet tomatoes. So, what are you waiting for?  

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